The GCN 3 step process

Step 1

Assisting Participants to get the Funding they require

GCN can assist you with your funding application through the NDIS based on your wants and needs. We have a comprehensive understanding of NDIS review processes and are able to assist you to apply for the appropriate level of supports through your NDIS Plan Review. We will aid you to prepare for planning meetings with our custom built GCN Pre Planning template, designed to help you prepare thoroughly for your planning meeting with the NDIA and as a result get the most out of your funding.

Step 2

Finding the perfect living space

Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) service starts with the most important question; “Where would you like to live?
Using this information and based on your lifestyle requirements we then help you find the right place to live. Global Care Network is experienced in finding housing solutions for those living with disability and we have industry connections to assist along the way. We provide support to set up your home with the appropriate equipment so that you may live independently, with support.

Step 3

Structuring supports around lifestyle needs

GCN can connect you with our team of dependable support workers to provide assistance with your daily life. We can provide 1:1 support with daily activities including; going to work, preparing meals, managing appointments, budgeting, personal care, showering and toileting. We also provide assistance with social and community participation. Our friendly team can assist you with a whole variety of activities such as going to the gym, going out for a meal, going on a date, attending a place of worship or even going on a holiday. We also offer transport and travel assistance to get you where you need to go as well as connections to Allied Health Professionals to maintain and improve your mental and physical wellbeing.