Mahziar Bahreini and Shima Bahador migrated from Iran, to Perth WA in 2010 with their young family. Mahziar came from a background of construction, and Shima was a Registered Nurse in the local hospital.

The pair sought out meaningful work in order to contribute to the Australian Society in some way. Mahziar, who had previous experience in supporting people living with disability in his own family quickly found a job in the disability support sector.

Mahziar quickly flourished in this role, given that his kindness and compassion assist him to overcome all fear, and touch the hearts and minds of all those who cross his path, no matter their capabilities or limitations. Mahziar was adept at providing one on one support as well as group-based support to Participants with high care needs, within both Supported Independent Living and community-based settings.

Mahziar was quickly recognised for his commitment to Occupational Health and Safety and became an Occupational Health and Safety Representative for his employer, after completing a Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety in Perth, which follows on from his Bachelor’s degree undertaken at Tehran’s University of Medical Sciences, in Industrial Occupational Health and Safety (Mining and Construction), and brought him up to speed with local legislation.

Mahziar soon developed a passion for ‘working on the floor’ with Participants, helping them to achieve their goals. Inspired by her husband’s new found passion as a Support worker, Shima (Mahziar’s wife and co-founder of Global Care Network) decided to try her hand as a Support Worker. Shima blossomed naturally in the role and the pair began taking Supported Accommodation by storm, working as a formidable ‘husband and wife team’ which Participants and staff alike, adored.

Career Highlights

In 2015 Mahziar was awarded Western Australian Disability Support Worker of the Year, as shown Here.
Following some time spent back in Iran, Mahziar and Shima returned to Melbourne, Victoria, with the goal to create their own business as a Registered Provider but with a point of difference. Driven by their passion to provide excellent support for those living with disability, Mahziar and Shima started their boutique agency Global Care Network Pty Ltd in May 2019. The past year has seen their grown rapidly, providing a range of boutique services for their Participants.