The Global Care Network 3 Step Process

GCN 3 Steps Process

One of the driving forces that pushed the founders of Global Care Network to start the organisation was when they saw how the disability services sector had developed over the last 60 years in Australia, and yet it still has such a long way to go.
From talking to Participants and their families, they realised that not everyone wants to live in Supported Accommodation with numerous other people and a revolving door of new staff members.

Whilst that living situation suits some people, Global Care Network realised that there was a unique opportunity in the market, brought about by the advent of the NDIS. An opportunity for people living with disability to receive one on one support in a home of their choosing whether it be alone, with family, friends or housemates of their choosing.
Global Care Network asks the question “Where would you like to live?” and goes from there, reverse engineering the process of finding an environment that suits the needs desires and preferences of the Participant.

We then work with them to find a dwelling that suits them, the people they will be living with, and their support staff, using connections to our real-estate partners and/or with Participants themselves, to find out where they want to live, and how we can make that happen.

From there, we create the necessary roster of care, and ensure all the necessary functional assessments and supports are undertaken to assist you to apply for the appropriate level of supports, through your NDIS Plan Review. We are experts in this area, and have a comprehensive understanding of NDIS Review processes. We understand that this is the first step to living independently, as funding is needed to build a support network around the Participant, that truly matches their goals, and not just those they write in their plan – but the way they’ve always thought they’d like to live – not necessarily where society has led them to believe they will live, based on decades of old-fashion support models, often laden with red tape.

We can help act as the scissors to some of that red tape, by working closely with Participants to get the funding they need, and then help you find a place where they’ll enjoy living, and structure supports around whatever lifestyle, they choose to live.

Our focus in on one on one 24/7 support rather than shared supports (although we do also offer this option), as we believe in creating a person-centred approach where one Participant, at a time, is the focus for our team. Our aim is to provide high quality supports to Participants we know well, rather than service the masses, we serve the people that we know by name.

Our management team prioritises getting to to know our Participants, their families and support teams.

Our organisation values individualism and bold aspirations, hence we work hard to maintain a tight knit, closely supervised group of staff with a minimal number of Participants, to ensure that we can exceed Participant expectations and bring the goals they have spoken about for so long, to life, whilst having full access to as much of the world around them as possible, whether that be at home, in the local community, or on holidays in some exotic location. We want to join our Participants on their life journey, and enrich their lives, and the lives of their loved ones.

At the end of the day, anyone can find a place to live but here at Global Care Network it’s not just about finding a place to live, it’s about finding the perfect place that you can call home.